Bold Move by BHEX, Rebranding as HBTC & Introduced HBC Daily 10x PE Repurchase

BHEX, a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform, recently announced about their rebranding as HBTC. This news was officially confirmed by founder of BHEX Mr. James Ju. He has worked as Chief Technology Officer for Huobi Global later he worked for  X-financial as VP. Thereafter, he established  BHEX (Bitcoin & Ethereum & Litecoin Exchange Platform) in April 2018 & now at the occasion of 2nd anniversary of BHEX trading platform, he made a bold and brave move to rebrand BHEX as HBTC along with 10x PE repurchase plan. BHEX also shifted to brand new domain address from earlier one

HBTC (earlier known as BHEX) in initial days was successful to raise 15 million USD dollars with the help of like Huobi, OKEx ,Genesis, and few other institutions. In the span of 2 years, HBTC introduced 3 major projects including Bluehelix Cloud, HBTC trading platform and HBTC Chain. HBTC trading platform is one of the industry leading cryptocurrency exchange platform which supports over 200 crypto exchanges and more than millions of customers. Not only HBTC able to scale up their reach of end users but also worked hard with other important factors like security and reliability. Talented ex-employees from Google, Alibaba and Baidu like organizations choose HBTC as their landing organization to work with.


Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are popular because of speed of their transactions and as end users count increase it becomes difficult to maintain same transaction speed. But HBTC is successful in maintaining average speed of 1 transaction around 80 microseconds. HBTC platform also works on almost zero downtime upgrades and code modification. HBTC has performed around more than 4000 upgrades and more than 0.1 million code modifications have been implemented as of now with negligible downtime.

To make sure that users feel safer about their transaction performed on HBTC exchange platform, they have made a provision of 100% transaction trading fee proof along with 100% proof of reverse. This feature by HBTC looks more transparent and promising which will result in developing faith and reliability in end user’s mind.

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BHT token also upgraded with new name as HBC in order to support this rebranding update. Total supply of this HBTC Captain Token(HBC) is 21 million and will be available to SWAP with ratio from BHT to HBC as 1 HBC :23.88 BHT. This Token swap period has already started on 20th April and it will end on 20th October, so period of 6 months is provided by HBTC. After exchange between HBC and BHT is completed all locked up BHT will be burned. This HBTC captain has a lot of benefits few of them are as follows:-

  1. Special 1:1 customer service
  2. With no cost, you can set up deals with Bluehelix Systems.
  3. Commission around 40% on transaction fees made by your invitees which comes with no expiry date.

10x PE Repurchase and burn scheme is introduced by HBTC in which HBTC is going to use all of their income and 4/5th profit from another product of HBTC that is Bluehelix cloud on a daily basis.  There are several rules for this repurchasing model are available at the official website of HBTC. For more details, you can visit either of their website new or old. As the old website will give you a single click button to redirect new website.

In regards to this rebranding decision, it might have cost a few million dollars but this brave move of BHEX to HBTC will surely help them in upgrading to next level and achieve more business in coming days. Stay tuned with us for more updates and interesting facts from cryptocurrency world.

if you failed to swap BHT Token to HBC in given time then you need to contacnt customer support. the most of user thinks prices are going and that can increase rate of Exchange by HODL, but along with BHT,  the prices of HBC token also increasing. HBC in just 1 days shift from $0.99 USD to $3.50 USD. Report publish by officials claimed that they already burnt more than 20% of Supply and expected till June 2020, total 50% expected to burn or converted in HBC.

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